If Christianity was meant to be a religion, Jesus would have joined the Sadducees and Pharisees, lead their rituals, and helped run the moneychangers’ tables. Instead, He: conducted illegal activities on the Sabbath; entered into homes and dined with non-christians; criticized Scribes and Pharisees for following the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law; dressed down instead of up; was influenced by non-religious common people; lived as a nomad, protected law breakers; esteemed people who did not follow religious leaders; offered freedom, mercy, forgiveness, and grace from the letter of the old law; offered a new law without bondage to rituals and habituals; told people to give money to the government instead of to the church; purposefully did not come to condemn people of the world; and turned over the moneychangers tables.  And, with all that, Jesus did not break the real old law as it was meant to be; even though He did break the religious leader’s useless and impractical interpretations of the old law.

Now, you tell me, are you trying to follow the letter of what you claim to be the Word of God; trying to make others follow the letter of what you claim to be the Word of God; holding your interpretations of what you claim to be the Word of God over the heads of friends, family or others? Or, are you letting go of the control, greed, bondage, uncaring, finger pointing religious hate, condemnation and resentment? Show gratitude for Jesus example by letting go, being free, making good friends of those who you wouldn’t before, overturning some religious ideas, and upset some “letter” scholars. Why?! Because, Jesus doesn’t have to be the only one who enjoys going to the world without fear, guilt and condemnation or having to shove His beliefs down other people’s throats.  Jesus is not what Christianity has become and would be just as disturbed by dealing with traditions now as He was when walking the earth as we are.

Welcome to UNIDIVERSAL! I am ecstatic that you chose to be here right now.  It is the perfect time and place to reach out to a world so defined by exclusion, cruelty, and hate.  I started this ministry in 1997 and it has been going through a transformation.  So, hang around and watch what develops into an effectively meaningful reach to embrace the world with faith for ALL.


From Robbie Ousley
U n i f i e d   U n i v e r s a l   D i v e r s i t y

D y n a m i c   C h r i s t - l i k e   F a i t h

Faith with Love for ALL People

Without faith for ALL there is no faith at all

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