D y n a m i c a l l y   C h r i s t - l i k e   F a i t h
Faith with Love for ALL People
Without faith for ALL there is no faith at all

Dynamically Christlike Faith

The Unidiversal website had tens of thousands of pages
And multiplied thousands of pictures of people believing in unlimited faith for ALL peopleIt carried a message of hope in an unlimited God
. This website grew through many phases and stages of understanding and beliefs to allow its coordinator, those involved, and onlookers to help grow together
. It appears that the dynamic growth became too much as people are generally more interested in making faith into religion than keeping faith apart from religion
. If there was anything that saddened, frustrated, and angered Jesus more than anything else; it was that people could not accept faith without mixing in something more that faith and, therefore, couldn't keep from limiting others faith through religious expectations

UNIDIVERSAL means Unified Universal Diversity

Many people choose to refuse to believe:
.  That faith is universal
.  That Jesus teachings were dynamic
.  That people's diversities are acceptable
.  That the only separation Jesus believed in was to separate ourselves from separation

. Jesus was an extremely intelligent person who proved that he could fulfill expectations of the old law only because he was born into it’s requirements
. His world was surrounded by religious zealots whom he vehemently disagreed with because they limited people from faith in every way possible; especially for personal gain.
. Jesus knew he had no choice but to accept his fate of being slaughtered to show that religious expectation couldn't be overcome even if they were allowed to kill him.
. At the end, Jesus expressed his loss in hope that people are capable of embracing faith without adding religious expectations to it.  But he was willing to go to an early grave to prove it anyway.  He struggled to hope that people would be willing to understand this point of his death as he couldn’t explain it any more than he already did.

It is pointless for anyone to try to prove the point ever again that Jesus proved by his death.
. If faith is not limitless, then it's not faith.
. Jesus didn't limit faith from people of any diversity, religion, or anything else; other than religious people’s willingness to push others away from faith over differences.

Jesus faith was dynamic because he was willing to let people grow in our own time, even though that meant he wouldn't be here to talk it through with each of us anymore.
. Jesus faith was universal because he didn’t even have a thought of hesitation to embrace anyone of different diversities, statuses, nationalities, differences, or anything else.
. Jesus was the embodiment of faith because he loved unconditionally with passion beyond what people with limitations are capable of; and he still didn't limit faith from them.

UNIDIVERSAL is a vision that was pursued and is never unavailable except to those who try to limit it's dynamic faith from others.

UNIDIVERSAL dynamic faith is in you if you'll let it grow in and from you and others.

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