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Faith with Love for ALL People

Without faith for ALL there is no faith at all

All religions, nationalities, genders, ethnicities, politics, economics and other diversities are welcome here.  You are appreciated and valued as you appreciate and value all others.  Hate speech can not be found here.  The only resistance is against hate, violence, devaluing and dehuminizing people.  Unidiversal promotes everyone's purpose and strengths and encourages making up for each others weakneses.  ALL people in the world are one body, we need each other, we protect each other from those who want to harm.  We are one under one God that we strive to understand beyond being understandable by human comprehension.

The Unidiversal message raises faith above religion and ALL other forms of beliefs.  Without faith there is nothing.  Faith is part of love, the highest form of connection to God, and hope; as faith brings hope into tangable form and actions.

Different religious and nonreligious people have different ways of searching and relating to God.  Is Jesus the only way to God?  For a Christian He is.  Is Mohammad the only way to God?  For a Muslim he is.  Are there other ways of searching and relating to God?  For Hindu, Jewish, Baha'i, Wicca, Semitic, Atheist, Pagan and ALL others there are.  Not one way of searching and relating to God is wrong except, of course, those ways that seek to harm and destroy others.  We can identify and follow our own paths to God but noone can be forced to follow our path.  We should not feel any need to force anyone to follow our own path.  If our path is acceptable to others then they should be welcome to follow it or share in it or search it as they please.  Faith in our paths is not real if we feel too threatened to welcome others in and out.  That is why we resist forceful, manipulative and coercive mentalities and actions against anyone for tryign to find their own way.  If we can't try to find our likenesses, appreciate our differences, and embrace our common search then our faith is not beyond ourselves.  If God is not defined by many perspectives then He is not beyond our dimensions or above our ways.

We are one body under one God without hate and violence.  We are tolerant and embrace one another.  We are one as God is one that may be viewed as different from many perspectives.

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From: Robbie Ousley
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